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Cyndweveren or Tresh or Talakestreal
19 February 1985
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This is now my journal for writings, poetry, and dream logs. ^__^

Like the clouds, she wanders away, no one ever truly owned her. Like wind and sky, fire, rain, she is ephemeral, spun out of the elements, created of the mists, child of dawns and dusks, millenia and seconds, child of dusty eternities. Began as nothing, returns to nothing, ephemeral, nothing more than air or mist, dreams of reality. Nothing more than the sum of a memory that has no name, and the face is simply shadow. Not Celestial, not angelic, not anything that you would give a name.

So that's partially me, what you see there, in that interests list of mine. If you know me from college, You've probably seen me around campus. Just remember...it's always the quiet ones. And I'm particularly quiet.

I'm very shy, and if I add you, it's probably because something just made me go *poke* this person should be on my list. I do that. It's just following instincts that wander/weld their way through me.

i was once a college student, doin' what everyone else wanted. I wanted to be an artist. Now I'm a Walmart cashier, going nowhere, lost in dreamings and what could ahve been. I'll get back on track someday...I hope.

What I am...I suppose is muteable. I change. I'm ephemeral.

It was Ataramos who likened me to a Prism. I'm solid until you put me up to the light, then I refract all of these brilliant parts of me.

I'm different. That about sums me up. I'm like everyone else, and not like everyone else. I'm an inner duality.

I've been called the Child of Duality, by a Shiri named Ewone, who took an interest in me.

I've been told that eventually, what I am, who I am, will tell true, but right now...I'm just working on trying to make myself a better person.

Were or therian. Otherkin or furry.

I am all. I am none. Labels create havok. So perhaps it is best to say that I am me.

I am me.

You'll hear me say a lot of contradicting things. that's how I am. I contradict myself in this journal constantly.

This journal is MINE. But I want people to share. To talk. To communicate with me. Thus why I add people, thus why I work the ways I do in this. I know that this journal, to some, is more than a journal. So I strive for complete honesty.

My name is Cyndweveren. It means, "Kind Weaver." That alone of my names is a name that came to me, rather than someone telling me. I strive to understand what it is to be a Weaver. It means a lot to me, that name, that word. I just can't explain fully what it means.

Other names include: Treshekera Nomis Tomane. Translated, this one means, "Name of the Northern Star's Child." Although I always go by Tresh. This name is still very prevalent in my life, often, this is the name I tell others to call me. Honestly though, you can call me what you like.

Another name, my wolf name, is Nikura. It means, "Lost Wanderer." I won't go into what that means to me here though.

I am also O'ru, the Celestial Weaver, an Eastern Dragon from early Japan. She has also been called Tarrawdari (Tar-raw-dar-ie) That one means Gentle Fighter.

And I am "Ryileieah" (rye-lee-iah), who is "Weaver of Many Ways"

But enough of that.

Welcome to my world, stranger. Be welcome here.

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